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Member since: June 2, 2010 Hi! ^^ Just your neighborhood shojo loving fangirl at your service! >w< Glad to have found this site because well, there are just some manga outta my collection that iI don't want anymonre, and I'm sure someone else will enjoy them. Im a very clean person, so most of my manga is in bookstore brand new condition, unless otherwise stated (like if I had the manga before being such an avid collector). I'm new to this site, but an experienced ebayer, so don't worry I know what I'm doing..i think lol. Hope to exchange with you! Lets be friends! ^.^


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Yurara 1-3


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  • Black Bird

  • Hana Kimi

  • Kitchen Princess

  • Kitchen Princess vol.1

  • Shugo Chara

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