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Member since: November 2, 2011 If within winnipeg-Local meet ups OK.Will only send my manga out once I received mine. Just to be safe because you never know. I'm mostly looking for complete manga series or complete anime series. Current manga obsession: Black bird Karakiridouji ultimo Innocent bird Pretty face Current anime obsession: Blue exorcist(amaimon is so cute!) Fruits basket Peach girl (hate the Japanese subtitles, why are they coloured!? I'm blindddd T^T) Love com Soul eater I'm not familiar with shipping so bear with me, for that I will need my moms help.I take very good care of my manga so nothing will come damaged.


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shonene jump lot


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  • absolute boyfriend 1-6

  • black cat 1-20

  • blue exorcist 1-7

  • captive hearts 1-5

  • chibi vampire 1-14

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