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Redmoon vol. 1

Category: Manga
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Language: English
Description: 13+ Graphic novel
In a city somewhere on Earth, Philar is an ordinary high school student who usually visits the local game arcade after finishing his studies. One day, however, while at the arcade, hooligans decide to cause trouble that inadvertently involves Philar. To everyone's surprise he fights back; surrounded by some unknown power, he displays incredible fighting skills and easily wins the day. As the rumors spread about Philar, they come to the attention of Lunarena: an assassin sent by Azlar, Prince to Aguilas, to kill the legendary Sun, who he believes may have escaped to Earth. The beautiful Lunarena joins Philar in class posing as a new student. Taking no chances, she attacks Philar vehemently...can he withstand her master swordskills or her psionic powers? Don`t miss this battle!

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