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J-Pop Idol Volume 1

Category: Manga
Genre: Music
Language: English
Description: Good used book condition. Scuffed cover. No missing pages.

Everyone dreams about being the next J-Pop Idol! Best friends Mika, Kay, and Naomi win a nationwide singing contest, setting them on their way to stardom. But only Mika is offered a recording contract, and if she takes this chance to pursue her love for music, her friendship with Kay might be finished! And when Mika meets Ken--her boy-band idol growing up--she might have found more than just a music producer who promises to make her a household name. But it isn't long before she discovers that Ken is paying his own price for his love of music... In J-Pop Idol, Toko Yashiro (artist for Shogakukan's magazine Shojo Comi) and writer Millenni+M have crafted an unforgettable look at the price of pursuing your dream!

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