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Jazz (Volumes 1-4)

Category: Manga
Genre: Shonen-ai/Yaoi
Language: English
Description: I have to admit I really loved this series. It took me forever to find the last volume though .-.

This BL manga series by Sakae Maeda and Tamotsu Takamure is published by June and is rated 18+ Mature. The condition of the four volumes is extremely good. They all have their dust jackets and are oversized volumes. These items come from a nonsmoking home. English language version.

Dr Narusawa x Naoki. The doctor is a shy and quiet man, Naoki is a much younger man with health and anxiety problems due to his mother. The title of the series is related to a "perfume" that they gift to each other called "Jazz"...

Volumes 1-4 is the complete series of this BL manga.

Offered by: Argh
Will trade for: Anything Vocaloid Kaito, or just make an offer :3 I'm friendly, and although I loved them, I don't think I'll be reading these volumes again.
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