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Peach Fuzz vols. 1-3 (Complete Series)

Category: Manga
Genre: Humor
Language: English
Description: Amanda is a lonely little girl. Her mother means well, but doesn't have a lot of time for a 9-year-old and, after plenty of begging from Amanda, agrees to let her have a pet. Amanda chooses a ferret because ferrets aren't ordinary and, darn it, neither is she! But her mother worries because ferrets are notorious for biting. Amanda wins over her mother, gets the ferret and names it Peach! The two big rules: Amanda has to care for Peach, and Peach can't ever bite Amanda. It seems like Amanda finally has the friend she needed. But Peach sees Amanda's hands as five-serpent monsters--and bites in defense! What will little, lonely Amanda do now?!

Condition: Like New.

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