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Love Hina Vol. 5

Category: Manga
Genre: Humor
Description: In this volume it's time for the Hinata house residents to have some fun! They work at the Hinata House cafe run by Keitaro's aunt, Haruka. Soon the girls start to wonder about kissing and that's when Su breaks out her kissing invention that pretty much sucks your face off and then a play that goes terribly wrong! Not to mention the fact that Naru's old tutor and love interest comes back and this could ruin what little has built up between Naru and Keitaro! Sarah the American girl who is the daughter of the absent minded scientist Seta, who just happens to be Naru's love interest adds a little spice to the plot. But this little girl isn't sweet. Keitaro gets stuck watching her while trying to make a little cash by working for her father. Since her father can't properly care for her, just when Keitaro thinks he's rid of the brat, he sends her to live at Hinata House! Keitaro also see's Su's transformation and is quite stunned by the magic that surrounds this wild girl!

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