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Naughty but Nice

Category: Manga
Genre: Shonen-ai/Yaoi
Language: English
Description: Ah, my shame. This one has suffered warping and light staining(does not affect legibility) due to a customer offering my volume a large drink. As such, this is an "as well" volume. If you see other things you like, but want the deal sweetened and don't mind a little bowing in your books, feel free to call it out.

Kakeru's homeroom teacher, Wakasa, is very popular with the female students and is known for being, "super nice." However, one day, Kakeru sees his teacher, who is supposedly "so nice he could never hurt a fly," in the middle of a fight! On top of that, he then finds himself carrying the knocked-unconscious Wakasa home! Is this guy really a nice, kind homeroom teacher, or is he, in reality, someone quite naughty in more ways than one? This is volume one of the three-volume "Yasashii Series." The story continues in Spicy But Sweet.

Offered by: nacht_kind
Will trade for: This book is fodder; request it along with other title(s) you're interested in. Book does have water damage, but it intact and completely legible, just warping and faint staining.
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