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Kare Kano vol. 5-7, 9,10, 12,13, 21

Category: Manga
Genre: Romance/Shojo
Language: English
Description: (PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THESE ARE FORMER LIBRARY BOOKS EXCEPT VOL. 7!!!! The are perfectly fine to read, but their condition is only fair and they look worn. All stickers and tags have been removed and all but Vol. 7 are HARDCOVER. If you have any other questions about this set, please let me know. BECAUSE THEY ARE FORMER LIBRARY BOOKS, I ONLY WANT 4-5 (MAYBE 3, DEPENDING ON WHAT YOU OFFER) BOOKS IN RETURN FOR THE ENTIRE SET OF EIGHT!!!!) rated T.

Offered by: Livi
Will trade for: As I said, because these are former library books I only want 4-5 (maybe 3) books in return for the entire set of eight!!! I AM ALSO WILLING TO BREAK THIS SET UP IF YOU'D ONLY LIKE SPECIFIC VOLUMES FROM THIS SET. Please see my wish list. If you do not have anything on my wish list - offer anyway! I'm always looking for new yaoi and other titles!
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