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Seikai Trilogy, Banner of the Stars 2

Category: Manga
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Language: English
Description: Three years have passed since Lafiel and Jinto escape from Planet Sufugnoff. Lafiel is now captain of her own Assault Ship, the Basroil, and has requested the services of Jinto Lin as supply officer. The conflict between The Abh Empire and the Triple Alliance has entered one of its hottest phases as the Abh initiate Operation Phantom Flame to capture a huge swath of enemy territory. Even as Lafiel must deal with the pressures of command, Jinto works to make himself worthy of his Empire and of Lafiel's friendship. In the meantime, both are haunted by a phantom from the past and menaced by a numerically superior enemy fleet.

My cover is different than pix shown.

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